First aids suitcase - WELDER


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First aids suitcase for welder to 5 persons. Dedicated to first aids. The suitcase has all the tools to overcome the risks of the welder's job : -For the cuts and the wounds by perforation by sharpened edges of a metallic piee -For the burns caused by a hot surface, flames, sparks... The suitcase also has the first aids essentials : desinfectant, sterile compresses, adhesive Band-Aids, sticking plaster, gloves, scissors, pliers... The suitcase is created in France and designed in keeping with the occupational medicine standards and the professional prevention organisations.
In this suitcase, you'll find : -1 crayon oculaire? -1 roller of sticking plaster 5m -5 sterile compresses 5x5cm -5 antiseptic compresses Chlorhexidine -2 extensive strips 3mx7m -1 finger cot -10 adhesive Band-Aids -1 pliers for splinters -2 compressive and sterile Band-Aids -1 pair of scissors -2 unidoses of Hydrogel for burns -2 vinyl gloves pairs -5 unidoses for eyes washing -12 safety pins -1 first aids guide
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Reference : FTI04-4259