All yellow cow grain leather glove. Fully fur boa lined


1 pair

Safety glove. Sizes 10, 11. All cow grain leather. Yellow colour. Fully fur acrylic boa lined. One piece forefinger. Shirred elastic back. Red hem at wrist. Wing thumb. Binding reinforcement at thumb, middle and ring fingers seams. Gunn cut pattern.

Size : 10

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Softness and traditionnal comfort of the grain. Reliability, resistance and respirability of the natural leather. The thick fur boa lining provides a good insulation during cold seasons. The different pieces of the gloves are machine cut allowing to assure a total regularity of the dimensions an sizes. One piece forefinger. Piping reinforcement at key points. Fork-lift driver. Public works professions. Receiving, warehousing. Maintenance of parks and gardens. Refrigerating industry. Transport...

Packaging : 1 pair
Reference : FTI04-4036

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