Multi-layers, multi-risks glove


1 pair

Multi-risks safety glove ! Cut - Chemical - Heat - Pattern: multi-layers technology The outer layer of high density polyethylene (HDPE) provides excellent protection against mechanical risks. The insertion of an intermediate layer in nitrile provides protection against certain chemicals. The inner layer of cotton, associated to the other layers, allows protection against contact heat. Finally, the palm of the glove is coated with nitrile dots for enhanced grip. Sizes: 9 and 10. Length : 300 mm.

Size : 9 10

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High requirement in the choice and quality of raw materials. The unique design of this glove allows numerous uses in various activities for excellent protection (cut level 5). Despite its unique design, this glove is very thin and flexible and allows fine handling. (dexterity level 3) ! Nitrile dots on palm allow excellent grip for easy handling. The inner cotton layer brings you great comfort and facilitates the absorption of perspiration. The quality and guarantee of ISO9001 certified factory.

Packaging : 1 pair
Reference : FTI04-4216