Nitrile disposable glove. AQL 1,5.


1 box

Nitrile disposable glove. Display box of 100 gloves. Sizes: 6/7 (S), 7/8 (M), 8/9 (L), 9/10 (XL) 10/11 (XXL). Single use. AL1.5. Powder free. Non sterile. Rolled cuff. Ambidextrous. Blue colour. Length: 245 mm, Thickness: 0.12 mm.

Size : S M L XL

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Very good touch. Ideal for persons allergic to latex. Suitable for food processing. More resistant than latex and vinyl notably for for oils and fats. Reversible. Maintenance free (disposable item). Display and protective strong box.

Packaging : 1 box
Reference : FTI04-4266

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