Full sheepskin leather. 14 cm cow split leather cuff.


1 pair

Safety glove. Sizes 9, 10. Full sheepskin leather. Fourchettes » pattern: thumb is sewn separately, and a stripe of leather is sewn separetely between each fingerfor a better hand fit. 14cm cow split leather cuff. Natural colour.

Size : 9 10

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The fineness of the sheep skin leather, selected for its quality, combinated with a fourchette pattern, provide you an exceptionnal dexterity and touch. The different pieces of the gloves are machine cut allowing to assure a total regularity of the dimensions an sizes wich is very important for duties requiring high precision. Gauntlet for a good protection of the forearm. Motor industry. Electronic industry. Light duty handling in dry conditions. Precision engineering. Assembly shops. Welding. Small parts assembly...

Packaging : 1 pair
Reference : FTI04-4205

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