First aids suitcase - SEVERED LIMB


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Recovery set for a severed limb. This suitcase has all the sessential for the treatment and the transportation of severed limbs. This suitcase allows the safe and quick cooling of living tissue, the prevention of the infection, the cessation of hamorrhages and the preservation of the cut segments ready for a reconstructive surgery. Essential for the firms' nurseries or close to risky workplaces. For severed fingers, hands and feet.

In this suitcase, you'll find : -1 survival blanket -1 sterile latex pair of gloves -2 sterile compresses 10 x 10cm -2 sterile compressive Band-Aids big model -1 sterile absorbent Band-Aid 15 x 20cm -1 pocket of isothermic recovery -2 packets of instant cooling -1 triangular sling -1 list of hands S.O.S. centers -1 user instructions Dimensions : 240 x 180 x 75mm Weight : 865g

Packaging : 1 item
Reference : FTI04-4270

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