Cow grain leather palm. Split leather back. 20 cm split leather cuff


1 pair

Safety glove.Size 10. Natural cow grain leather palm. Back in cow split leather. Gunn cut pattern. One piece forefinger. Wing thumb. 20 cm split leather cuff.

Softness and traditionnal comfort of the grain leather. Reliability, resistance and respirability of the natural leather. Good protection of the forearm thanks to the special gauntlet cuff of 20 cm length. The different pieces of the gloves are machine cut allowing to assure a total regularity of the dimensions. Given its design, this type of glove is generally used for heavy works which does not require fine dexterity or special protection against liquids, namely: scouring, metallurgy, electroplating, steel mill, welding, casting, etc...

Packaging : 1 pair
Couleur : Blanc
Reference : FTI04-4204

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