P.V.C gloves, Smooth finish. Single dipped. 72 cm.


1 pair

Safety glove. Size 91/2. P.V.C single dipped. Fully coated version. Smooth finish. Cotton interlock liner . Length: 72 cm. Red colour.

Size : 9

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The guarantee and benefits of an ISO9001 certified manufacturing: quality of products, regularity...Liquid tight: the cotton liners are adjusted on hand molds generally in porcelain and then dipped automatically in a a P.V.C bath. This way the gloves are fully dipped and liquid tight. Cotton liner: cotton is a natural fibre and can absorb some of the sweat. P.V.C provides protection against oils, fats, moderately aggressive chemicals and petroleum hydrocarbons. It offers moreover a very good protection against abrasion. Actifresh® treatment: protection against the development of the mould, especially in a humid environment, a protection against microbial attacks, a protection against a discoloration, prevents the bacteria action from bad smell. Very big length for a very good protection of the arm.

Packaging : 1 pair
Reference : FTI04-4028

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