FTI wants to establish a relationship of trust with its clients. Therefore, the company commits to contributing to the conception of a safer web. Please find hereinafter some information related to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) of 2018.
By creating an account on our website, you give your agreement to our privacy policy:

Your personal data

FTI collects your personal data during your registration on the website. By creating your account, you give your agreement to FTI to collect and store your personal data, these latter will be used in order to improve the customer service, customize your experience and to contact you.

Your rights

Some new IT and organisational measures have been established by FTI to respect your rights related to data protection, admitting the existence of a correcting, erasure, and opposition right as well as the right to be forgotten so as to get the modification, the removal or the deletion of your personal data.
FTI is using your mail address to send you some information related to your order status or to some exceptional offers. You will have the opportunity to unsubscribe the newsletter. Each e-mail contains a direct link that makes unsubscribe request from the newsletter simple.

Safety measures

In accordance with the GDPR, FTI commits to take all the necessary precautions and security means to protect your data from any destruction, attack or disclosure.