Opto-electronic welding hood


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pto-electronic welding hood. Moulded in rigid high-strength black polypropylene. A clear PC protective cover lens is secured to the front and rear frames. The frontal viewing window is equipped with a solar cell and filter for welding operations, in shades 4/9-13
Response time 1/25,000 s.Interior field of vision 92 x 42 mm. Dimensions of filter 110 mm x 90 mm x 9 mm. 2 sensors. The polyethylene headband is provided with two lateral joints for the rotation of the hood-shield assembly, with a facility for the adjustment of the tightening torque using a nut and bolt system. Foam padding is attached to the front and rear of the head band. The two upper straps allow the adjustment of height by a system of spikes. Adjustment around the head is achieved by a rack and pinion system. This welding helmet is designed to protect the user against the risk of injury to the eyes and face by mechanical impacts and against radiation related to welding activities (TIG, MIG ...), cutting ... The hood should not be used for laser and gaz welding.
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Reference : FTI04-4189

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